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Created: 04/21/2018
Updated: 04/21/2018

Macintosh Classic II Restoration Project

I've been wanting to get a Compact Macintosh for a long long time. I think they're an iconic machine that defined what a "Personal Computer" is today.

So I scored one recently (04/21/2018) on eBay, specifically a Macintosh Classic II. From the seller's description, it stated that it's new in box, and comes with a keyboard and a mouse. For just as little (or much) of $170 plus shipping, it is mine! I have not yet received it, but I did look up on lots of common problems with these machines. Common problems are listed:

At least that's all I can find on the Internet. I've been watching and reading a lot of resources from YouTube videos and various vintage Apple forums and sites. I'll list them below for future references and for other people that stumbled upon my site.

I've also put in an order for BMOW's Floppy Emu II, this thing costs almost as much as the computer itself, but I strongly believe it's worth every penny! It is a shame that I can't use the Mac Rom-intator II that BMOW made (and an SE/30), otherwise I would have the perfect Compact Macintosh!

I'll update this log as I progress. Right now, I'm just scouting for information.


There are a lot of information around how services and repairs are done on the Internet, but these helped me get the big picture. Hope you find it useful!